• Our Mission

    To build efficiently, leveraging on innovation, and contributing to the economic and social development of the markets in which we operate.

Our Vision

To consolidate our position as a benchmark company, both nationally and internationally, engaged in an ever-increasing process of growth, embodied in a sustainable business model, enhancing the value of our organization, and ensuring economic, social and environmental progress.

Our Values

Underpinning our company are unique values that reflect our continuous quest for new and greater challenges, which can contribute to the growth of Tâmega Engineering and all stakeholders involved:


We are committed to rigorous and continuous improvement and responsible implementation of our Quality Management System, through the active involvement of all shareholders and employees, and underpinned on ethics, innovation and the pursuit of excellence.


An unwavering quest for excellence, striving to meet the needs of our clients, shareholders and employees to the fullest extent, underpinned by the highest standards of quality, and adding value to our customers.


Innovation as a driving force for every project. Consolidation of our unique identity. Crafted for creativity and scientific and technological cooperation, designed to achieve the best-in-class solutions, while ensuring superior results and exceeding our customers’ expectations.


Acting with ethics, rigour and transparency is a common thread in all of our business pursuits, upholding our commitments and respecting our employees, the environment and society at large, thereby contributing to sustainable development.

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